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Joel P Jensen Middle
Math / CTE
Graduate from Southern Virginia University with BA in Business Management with emphasis in Marketing and Advertising, Minor in Graphic Design; teaching certifiacte from Utah State University (Mild Moderate SPED). Tought 10 years at Copper HIlls High School, (Sec Math 1, Comp. Programming, ECS, and AP CSP). Co-founder and Advisor of the Video Game Club at CHHS (2014), Co-founder of iTeams and helped develop Ken Garff eSports as Director of eSports. Former Computer Science State Specialist at the State Board of Education. Co-wrote Utah State K-12 CS Standards, helped rewrite the new ECS, Web Dev 1 & 2, GameDev 1 & 2, Prorgramming, and developed Computer Science Investigations course.

Played collegiate baseball and golf; Still love to play co-ed softball and golf. I'm a comicbook nerd (Big DC fan, but I am versed in the Marvel universe), Star Wars fan, Harry Potter... let's face it, i'm nerdy and an fan of Sci-fi and superheroes. Of course, I'm a gamer as well... big fan of the vintage games (Kings Quest, Legend of Zelda, etc.), but also a big fan of Halo, Titanfall, and play a lot of Fortnite with my son and daughters.

I am also a self proclaimed chef. I love to cook, but more importantly love to grill / smoke meat on my Traeger!